Sunday, 22 July 2012


On these few Illustrations
I atempted to apply my patterns on the design.

To create the pattern
I played around in Photoshop with photos of bark,
stone, wawes and brush strokes.
Flip-flopped them around and changed the colour.

hand-drawn on the A4 format and Photoshoped
hand-drawn on the A4 format and Photoshoped

Hand-drawn on the A4 format and photoshoped

Flamingo versus girl

A3 by charcoal and colour pencil

A3 by colour pencils and markers

A4 by colour pencils and markers

hand-drawn and Photoshoped

hand-drawn and Photoshoped

Monday, 16 July 2012

My FLaminGo'S PatTeRNs for ThE BiDdLE SaWYer SiLkS CanVas ToTe BaG ComPetitiON

The task was given to us in our university. 
To come up with 4 designs for the canvas tote bag.

I fell in love with FLaminGoS, the shape of the neck and skinny legs, 
their colour and finally their expression in their faces.

Here are some of my repeat patterns.

Hand-drawed and spaces coloured in Photoshop.

Hand-drawed and repeated in Photoshop.

Hand-drawed and flipped in Photoshop.

BRinG on ThE CoLouR

CoLouR PaLLetE: HouSeNKa

CoLouR PaLLetE: Hakan PHotoGraPHY 1

CoLouR PaLLetE: Hakan PHotoGraPHY 2